News and Announcements:

7/12/11 - Finally! A new app has been released. After months of hard work, we are proud to present our first online multiplayer game, Gomoku Online. Download it today and test your skills in a "connect-five" style game with others around the world!

4/26/11 - We are currently working on a few new games/apps and will be testing some on the new AeroDroid servers. Consequently, this testing may affect some performance on Finger Runner 2's Download Center. Please take note that unexpected server downtimes may occur throughout the next few weeks. Thank you.

2/28/11 - A new version of Wiki Hopper has been released. This update implemented more preset keywords and fixed minor bugs with the multiplayer system.

1/29/11 - AeroDroid is currently installing new servers to our new network infrastructure. Please be advised that there may be delays in server and database connections for Finger Runner 2's Download Center. We are excited to bring users with better apps and games that will be centered on server-based connections.

1/26/11 - We're happy to announce our new head-of-team members: Brian Y., head of software development, Charlotte A., head of graphic designs, and Matt M., head of network management.

12/31/10 - AeroDroid would like to wish everyone a happy new year! We're glad to announce our new plans to create more network and server based games and applications for our users. We believe network based applications will open more possibilities for all of our users by allowing real-time updates and connections. We hope you will look forward to our new applications.

12/21/10 - Happy holidays! We have recently been busy setting up our new sever which will handle data from applications we create in the future. The Finger Runner 2's Download Center may be experiencing some occasional downtimes as we are migrating data to our new servers. This downtime may cause Finger Runner 2 to crash when accessing the Download Center. Thank you.

11/27/10 - It's finally here! Finger Runner 2 and Finger Runner 2 Lite are now available on the Android Market. Download them today and play more levels than Finger Runner. Design your own Levels or download them from the new Download Center.

11/25/10 - We're trying to make Finger Runner 2 as perfect as possible before we release it so you can enjoy a better experience. Please wait, the release date is coming soon, we hope you will be looking forward to this release. Thank you!

11/7/10 - We have been experiencing a few delays with software development for Finger Runner 2. We're sorry to announce that there will be a slight delay on Finger Runner 2's release date. Please visit frequently to keep up-to-date with the latest news. 

10/31/10 - Finger Runner 2 is developing on schedule and we hope to be releasing this new app within 1-2 weeks. We hope you are looking forward to our next release. Thank you!

10/18/10 - Due to some technical issues, development on Finger Runner 2 was temporarily stalled. We are continuing development on Finger Runner 2 and we hope you are looking forward to our next release. Thank you.

10/3/10 - With the great success of Finger Runner, AeroDroid is announcing Finger Runner 2 will be coming soon. Finger Runner 2 will feature exciting new additions such as a personal level designer to create your own levels. Visit to keep up-to-date with announcements and news!

9/30/10 - AeroDroid's website is now available at Our new contact email address is at

9/13/10 - Want to try out Wiki Hopper before you buy it? Download the free Wiki Hopper Lite from the Android Market today!

9/10/10 - Announcing our next app! Wiki Hopper, a fun new game where you hunt down Wikipedia articles by clicking links in context of each article. Play with your friends with two-player multiplayer games over Bluetooth! For more information, click here.

8/18/10 - Big thanks to Charlotte A. for redesigning our logo and many other graphics, which will be appearing on the website soon. AeroDroid is still working on apps at the moment. We have currently postponed the card game app we had mentioned earlier, and are working on a different game that will feature our first paid application. No worries, there will be a free and paid version; we hope you are looking forward to it!

7/28/10 - A new game is in the works, AeroDroid is currently hard at work on the a new card game. No information on releases or about the game so far. Please remember to check back here for the most the recent updates on news regarding AeroDroid. Thank you and we hope you are looking forward to this fun game!

7/23/10 - Scrambler is released on the Android Market, a fun and simple puzzle game that features using pictures from your own gallery! Try it out today, rate, and comment. Your feedback is always appreciated and important to our development of future applications. Thank you!

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